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Termites are a white bodied insect that are organized in a caste system where they have a king, queen, secondary queen, tertiary queen, soldiers and workers termite. They are destructive insects of garden as well as in homes where they cause very serious problems to wooden structures and also to plants. Termites lives under wooden structures as well as in tunnels, which they make in the gardens where the queen lives.

To get rid of garden termites you first need to do the following; one you need to check for infestations by the termites through identifying holes or tunnels on the garden or by identifying wilting of the plants. You should then identify the type of termites that have infested your garden. The most common types are the subterranean termites that infest both the wood and soil and the dry wood termite that infest wood only.

To keep away termites, boric acid is used to kill them. Boric acid shuts down the nervous system of the termite by dehydrating it. Insecticides and foams are also a better choice to control them.

Another technique is the u of baits treated with insecticides in order to kill the termites. Permathrin, a pest repellent is also used since it is safe for human use and has no risk of toxicity.

Farmer can also prepare their own solutions of Aloe Vera and water or pepper with hot water and spray on the infested areas. Farmers should also remove old plant roots, stumps and dead plants from the garden as they attract the termites.

However, although the termites are destructive, they also play an important role in the ecosystem as they help in decomposition of the organic matter.

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